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For more than seven years, Mrs. Jones served as in-house counsel for one of the largest payment processors in the country.  Having negotiated thousands of processing agreements (from the other side) with merchants, banks, ISOs, software providers, etc., she is knowledgeable as to the various parties involved (such as the acquirer, gateway, and so forth), the problems that can arise, and how to negotiate favorable terms for her clients.  Her extensive payments processing experience will put you in the best position to get the most favorable contractual terms or dispute resolution.   The payments industry changes drastically and rapidly, and Mrs. Jones has made it her business to remain ahead of the curve!

She will advise you on ways to establish, structure, and manage processing relationships to avoid problems from the outset. Stop second-guessing yourself and let her negotiate your merchant agreements with your processor and bank.  She can review the terms and conditions for any unpleasant surprises and stand by your side as you navigate the payments system minefield. Further, if you find yourself at odds with your bank, processor, or even card associations, you can depend on Mrs. Jones to assert your interests in connection with processing errors, contractual breaches, security breaches, chargebacks and returns, and return of reserves disputes.

The typical payment processing agreement is a dense contract of adhesion with boilerplate legalese that is often difficult to understand!  And, the merchant has little to no bargaining power on its terms.  Most merchants don’t realize what they are agreeing to until the processor begins increasing fees or charging excessive termination penalties.  In addition, most payment processing sales people do not fully understand how interchange is charged by the associations, and often times misquote the merchant’s effective rate for accepting payment cards with their company. 

All payment processing contracts are not the same, and you do not have to agree to terms that:

  • Allow the processor to increase your per transaction fees (with or without notice);
  • Permit excessive termination penalties and fees;
  • Include automatic annual (or longer) renewals;
  • Give the processor unilateral rights to fund reserves indefinitely;
  • Allow the processor to access funds from accounts other than those linked to settlement funds; or
  • Limit your right to dispute amounts owed to an unreasonable number of days.

The best way to identify such terms in a processing agreement is to seek legal review by an experienced payments attorney before entering into the agreement!  Mrs. Jones understands the payments landscape, and equitable positions for all parties.  She will make winning arguments the other side can’t reasonably dispute, and ensure the terms stay within your risk tolerances and business objectives! 


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