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PAYMENT PROCESSING for Financial Institutions, Processors, and ISOs

Financial Institutions

Mrs. Jones has negotiated with banks of all sizes. Some hold less than $100 million in assets while others hold well over $10 billion.  Regardless of your size, you can rely on Mrs. Jones to handle the full range of legal issues related to your processing activities.

If your institution needs expert guidance on drafting and revising payment processing agreements or agreements with other third party vendors (including technology firms, core processors, application developers, web designers, or security companies), Mrs. Jones can help!


Serving as in-house counsel for seven years for a large payment processor, and five years as a relationship manager, provided the expertise necessary to help payment processors draft and revise the most advantageous agreements with third party vendors as diverse as technology providers, applications developers, ISOs, merchants, financial institutions, payment facilitators, security firms, and others. Having her expertise on your side will allow you to negotiate better deals, obtain more favorable terms, and limit your exposure.

Independent Sales Organizations, or ISOs, are rapidly developing businesses in the field of payment card processing.  As service arms for financial institutions such as banks, ISOs unite merchants and bankers by creating credit card payment agreements and handling customer service issues. In this fast growing and dynamic field, millions of dollars in transactions, vital to both merchant and financial institution, pass through processing systems every day. However, legal disputes inevitably arise over nonpayment, credit card fraud, charge-backs, reserve accounts, and breach of contract.

You can rely on Mrs. Jones to represent your interests whenever you find your company facing legal issues related to payment processing.    Or, when the time comes to move your merchant portfolio to a new bank or begin a new processing relationship, Mrs. Jones will be there to help.  She can also assist when you need to take action to recover fees to which you are entitled.

You can rely on her experience whenever a dispute involving unpaid reserves, standard of care issues, or processing errors arises.  She is a seasoned attorney who can provide guidance and expertise no matter if you have been sued or if you need to file suit against another party.